My Story

Hi, my name is Kate and I live with my husband on a farm in upstate NY. I just turned 50 a few months ago. Our son is all grown up now and he's out on his own. But, we have goats and chickens, dogs and cats to keep us pretty occupied.

I guess I have always suffered from anxiety; I can still remember the sick feeling I'd get just about everyday when I was only in grammar school. It's something that's stayed with me my whole life. Depression faded in and out and still hinders me today. But it was when things got physical that it got really rough.

In 2003 I was fortunate enough to receive a life saving liver transplant. While I am forever grateful I have lived with chronic fatigue and illness ever since. Next was a whole series of traumatic events that has left me sick and unable to function well for probably half of my days.

In 2012 I suffered through a scare from abnormal uterine bleeding where I nearly died from blood loss. My kidneys shut down throwing me into acute renal failure. I was able to recover a bit but I am still diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease, stage IV. There's only one more stage after this. I also have severe arthritis that is about 20 years advanced for my age.  Walking and standing are sometimes impossible. Just recently I had another bleeding scare. This time it was a full blown annyurism of my hepatic artery. That earned me an exciting ride in a helicopter from our rural hospital to a major medical center. By the grace of God they were able to patch me up and here I stand today.

Through all of this a strange thing started to happen. I actually have found more happiness and joy lately than I have in recent years. Strange but true. I'm not sure how to explain it. I decided to start this blog to show others who may be ill that life isn't over. There's a lot of happiness to be found here. I want to show people that no matter what happens with your body, you are still the very same soul that you have always been. What I bring here I hope will support you, help you to adapt and work around your illness. Know that we can all find happiness.

So have a look's a work in progress, so check back often. And of course I  hope you stay healthy and smiling.

UPDATE 9/19/2017

My Chronic Kidney Disease is now stage V. I am starting dialysis shortly. I feel crushed, unbelievably sad and definitely scared. But there's no way I'm going to let this beat me.

The good note: dialysis will keep me alive. That is my happy thought. 🙂 I will be OK.