About Missing My Life

Missing My Life means two things to me:

1. I miss the old me, before I got sick, and

2. I miss out on lots of events and get togethers.

And so this blog was started to get beyond all that. To finally start moving ahead. I feel that sharing what I have been through and what I am still going through is beneficial for all of us. I've been living with chronic illnesses for quite sometime. About twenty five years now, if anyone's counting. And whether you are newly diagnosed, undiagnosed or have been ill for a long time I hope this space will bring you help, understanding, happiness and support. It's intended for you, whatever your condition may be. Here you will find:

  • Help getting through sick days
  • Tips on managing your new life
  • Coping strategies
  • Dealing with people who don't understand your illness
  • Learning experiences with a bit of humor 
  • Support and understanding
  • Lists of resources to help along the way
  • ...and More!

Mostly I hope this will become a place you grow to love if you are looking to make sense out of your life with chronic illness. A place to help you ultimately find some happiness in your life. I know you will!